Funko Pop! Auction

Funko Pop! Love them…we do!!! From Wacky Wobblers, Pop!Vinyl to Funko. We strive to collect them. We also want to provide a category for bidders to search our auctions easier and for sellers to group their items for consignment. Come buy or sell your Funko Pop! with us.

Comics & Cards

Comics & Cards – We look for comics from all eras of there history.  From the 1840’s to current.  Yes, comics started in the 1840’s.  Most of us are used to seeing comics from the 1930’s to present (the ‘Golden Age’). 

Comic book and other fictional characters started getting printed on cards in the late 1980’s.  We all recognize for example: Topps, Skybox, Upper Deck, Rittenhouse, Panini, Cryptozoic, Fleer, Impel and Comic Images.  DC and Marvel are among the most recognized around the world.  Come visit our auctions to bid or consign.

Sports Memorabilia & Cards

Sports Memorabilia and Cards – WOW is all I can say!  Sporting cards were first introduced in the late 1860’s for baseball.  Yes, our national pastime is baseball and it started that far back in our history.  Cards are produced by many well known groups like: Topps, Upper Deck, Skybox, Fleer, Bowman, Donruss and Leaf.  Trading cards are produced for just about any sport across the globe.  Sports memorabilia comes in almost any shape and form.  Sports tickets, sports equipment, uniforms, fan merchandise, and pictures.  Now imagine any item autographed by your favorite sports athlete.  Again…WOW!  So come check out our auctions; bid or consign.  

Coin & Currency

Coins & Currency – Well money or bargaining methods goes back farther than modern history is able to track.  Ancient to modern coins; or paper money or I.O.U’s.  These are all valuable from the historic sense to the material used to create like: gold, silver, copper, bronze, lead and platinum.  Come visit our auctions to bid or consign.  Your treasure awaits you!

Jewelry & Art

Jewelry & Art – While Art and Jewelry go far back through human history.  Most people enjoy and collect all that sparkles or dazzles the eye.  Some collect based on a creator or as a means of personal status (even cause it just looks pretty).  Well we offer a category in our auctions to search directly through jewelry and art.  Come look to find your next treasure or sell one to some else.  Bidders and consigners welcome.


Geeky Auctions started out as an idea for my son and I.  He is a teenager and has Autism.  He struggles with many basic things and yet exceeds in other unique areas.  Fitting in, Social skills, and being bullied have been difficult to overcome his entire life.  He has learned to cope by learning new skills and working harder at things he enjoys and excels at.  He has a strong affinity towards photography and graphic design.  All the pictures within the site and auction are his handiwork and solely his achievement.  I am a disabled veteran of the U.S. Army and proud American.  We hope all who visit the site enjoy what we have collected and offer.  I tell him life is a long journey and us ‘Geeks’ have to stick together and have fun along the way.  Thank you!

Auction Teasers

Funko Pop!

Funko Pop! at Geeky Auctions offers bidders a wide selection of Funko Pop! and Vinyl Pop!  From Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Back to the Future to Sports athletes or franchises.  Geeky Auctions lists Funko Pop! in it’s auctions from collections and collectors from all over the world.  Geeky Auctions strives to provide quality pictures to show condition.  Geeky Auctions diligently include detailed descriptions about the product as well.  You can come to Geeky Auctions to browse, bid, and even consign pieces from your own collection.

Comics & Cards

Comics and Cards at Geeky Auctions offers so many of your favorite characters seen in comic books and on trading cards.  Geeky Auctions offers this searchable category in our auctions for easy of use for our bidders and consigners.  So if you enjoy reliving some fond memories of youth with your favorite superhero’s or even villain’s, Geeky Auctions might have it in the current auction.  If non-sports trading cards is your thing, Geeky Auctions might have that as well.  Geeky Auctions enjoys the DC/Marvel debate too!  So be a comic book hero of your own and bid to win or consign with Geeky Auctions.

Coin & Currency

Coin and Currency at Geeky Auctions offers this specialized category for easy searching.  Geeky Auctions has collected coins and currency for 3 decades.  Geeky Auctions has bought and sold gold and silver coins individually or by collection.  Geeky Auctions has acquired and collected many unique bank notes showing our great nations history.  So if your looking for some ‘money’, you might find it at Geeky Auctions or might decide to consign with us.

Sports Memorabilia & Cards

Sports Memorabilia & Cards at Geeky Auctions offers bidders the ability to search through their favorite categories of Geeky Auction treasures.  Geeky Auctions knows that sports memorabilia and cards are always a big hit for fans and collectors.  Geeky Auctions provides a single location to view, bid, win, and consign items to increase your collection or make room for more.  Geeky Auctions is excited to offer this category for sports memorabilia and trading cards in their online auctions.  Come join us!

Jewelry & Art

Jewelry and Art at Geeky Auctions might just offer all that glitters or that ‘eye of the beholder’ beauty for a piece of art.  Geeky Auctions will offer through consignment only jewelry and art.  We at Geeky Auctions are not art or jewelry experts, granted we like ‘bling’ just like the next person or a beautiful Buggs Bunny Picasso portrait.  So if you wish to consign your treasures through Geeky Auctions just let us know.

Miscellaneous Items

Miscellaneous Items at Geeky Auctions works hard to provide a place for any bidder or consignor to find exactly what they are looking for.  So if you have not gotten your geek on with the other Geeky Auctions categories of great items, then this is the final category to search in.  You might be looking for die cast or match box cars, Zippos, pens & pencils, knives, swords, guns and so much more.  Geeky Auctions is always looking for neat and geeky treasures.  So if you wish to consign your treasures or bid on a new addition to your collection through Geeky Auctions just let us know.

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